The day off

I woke up and put some washing on. I put on the white school shirt and looked at the calendar I went to the kitchen and eat some ice cream because it was noon i finished it and looked at my shirt i s... Read More

The museum

It was two in the night no one was at the museum and that’s when all the dinosaurs come out to play. They all run down the stairs and started storming the candy bar helps of candy in the air gro... Read More

The Grape

It was a Friday morning I woke up in a big place it was purple all around me I was confused. How did my walls paint in that quick I jumped out of bed looking around. I ran to the door and threw it ope... Read More

The soccer game

on 6/4/2018 Juventus soccer team are playing a game against Melbourne victory and the mcg in Melbourne hundreds of people bought tickets and put them on Ebay for thousands of dollars only to see the b... Read More

The wild cat

It was a stormy day I looked out my window and I saw a furry cat had climbed slowly up a vehicle with music in the background. I ran down stair and opened my door to tell the man that was in the car t... Read More

The alien :|

Where nearly there said the aliens. Where are we going said one of them ”were going to planet earth”  I’ve heard that it is the best spot in the solar system said Elijah. We are abo... Read More

Obi’s Tower

It was a clear day in Jacksonville me and my dog Pudgy went on a walk to the beach. We go to a drop that we had never seen before and had a look around. We looked at a huge tower that was named after ... Read More