the soccer or football day

Its the Racoons vs the skunks and Ollie the captain of the Racoons is coming to say something.

“I think us Racoons will demolish the skunks,” said Ollie.

“if they win i’m going to send them a fart,” spat Cody the captain of the Skunks.

the Racoons score a flawless goal, the ball flies high in the sky, disturbing a leaf on the way. Ollie the Racoon kicks the ball into the box GOAL!! And the manager jumps out off this chair in the observing box.

The score is now 2-0 for the Racoons.


“What’s that smell?” asked Ollie.



One thought on “the soccer or football day

  1. A flawless goal………


    Oliver, you made us all laugh so much… What a spirited interpretation of the prompt!

    I look forward to the next one!

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